The Bethany Baptist Church meets for in-person weekly Worship

*** Due to unforeseen circumstances our livestream has been relocated from YouTube to Facebook to our Website.

However our commitment to spreading the gospel remains unwavering!

Our weekly Livestream continues as follows:

Order of service
9:30 am – 10:30 am: Sunday School
10:45 am: Morning Service

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Our History

The historic records of the earliest beginnings of our church were not preserved over the years. Taking the verbal accounts of those who recalled the church’s inception, these facts were ascertained: that the church was established by Reverend G.C. Coleman, former pastor of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. There were several dates mentioned as the the date of inception of the Bethany Baptist Church. The years were 1904 and 1910.

Upon checking the minutes of the Mt. Carmel Church, we learned that Reverend G.C. Coleman served as pastor of that church until 1910. He could not have logically established Bethany under his leadership until he resigned his duties as the pastor of Mt. Carmel.

On the third Sunday of May, 1925, the Bethany Baptist Church- consisting of five members meeting on the third floor in a building on Arch street near fifty -sixth street- called the reverend James H. Saunders to its pastorate.

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A Word from Our Pastor: Greetings and Welcome!

Here at Bethany, we are striving to serve as a loving redeemed family, whose worth, worship, witness, and work arise from the Word of God: actively transforming our community and world for Christ to the glory of God. Let me personally welcome and encourage you and your family to come, worship with us and experience Bethany life for yourselves.

We are a Christ-centered, biblically grounded, family oriented, ministry minded fellowship and we believe we have something of value for everyone.

So, we hope to meet, greet, and see you soon. Again, at Bethany you are welcome!

Rev. Dr. Myron D. Barnes, Sr.,

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