Purpose/ Mission Statement: The mission of the Security Ministry is to patrol the church corridors and outside parameters as well as assure the membership exercise safety measure while utilizing the church building

Scripture: John 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day:  the night cometh, when no man can work.”    

Meeting Day:  The Security Ministry meets on an as needed basis.


 The Security Ministry was started under the leadership of Rev. Alpheus L. Bright and Trustee Hosea Turner, Chairman of The Trustee Ministry.  These safety measures were provided on a volunteer basis by members of The Trustee Board. 


Trustee George Ray along with his two large German Sheppard dogs served as security patrolling the grounds of the church for years.  It was than determined that more than one individual was needed to secure coverage. After further discussions the Trustee Board decided that the men who volunteered their services would be put on payroll and began working for the church on a daily and Saturday schedule.

 The first group of men to serve as security for the church was the late Trustee Johnnie J. Cook, the late Deacon Isaac Evans, the late Calvin Ogletree-Chairperson, the late Trustee Willie Taylor, the late Charles Watterson Sr., the late Trustee James Gillison and late Trustee Joseph Pryor.

Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Myron D. Barnes Sr., Pastor, Trustee Jerry Hatten heads The Security Ministry working with Trustee Isaac Andrews, Deacon Franklin Herring, and Trustee William Eley.  An alarm system, surveillance cameras, and modern technology assist our men in keeping the inside, parking lots and surrounding areas of the church a safe place for the membership to come and fellowship together.

 If you are interested in joining this ministry, please see Trustee Jerry Hatten for more information.