Established:  December 1972

Purpose/Mission Statement: The primary purpose of the Nurses Ministry of Bethany was to provide comfort and assistance to the members and visitors of the church, providing first aid when needed during church services, funerals, weddings, and any other type of gathering. 

Scripture: Hebrews 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace; that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need”

 Meeting Day:  The Nurses Ministry meets on an as needed basis




 The Nurses Ministry of Bethany started in December 1972, with about five members.  Ms. Dutton was one of the first nurses to serve at Bethany.  She served before the nurses became an organized unit.  Mrs. Thorpe organized the nursing unit in 1973, and served as President until her health declined in 2000.  She has now become the President Emeritus.

 During the 1980’s, the nurses realized the danger of high blood pressure, and how easily it can go undetected.  As a response, the nurses begin to administer free blood pressure checks after church service. Their purpose was two fold.  The nurses’ first intention was to alert members with high blood pressure readings to go see their doctors for full examinations.  Secondly, they hoped to make everyone aware of this silent killer so that they would take better care of themselves.  They also held Health Fairs and screenings for the members.

 In the late 1990’s, Ms. Bertha Smith was elected President, and has continued in this tradition.  With the help of devoted nurses in the unit, she has cared for the church.  Presently, there are sixteen nurses on the ministry.  Their purpose is to educate and make members aware of significant health issues affecting church members and families during this day and time.  By obtaining emergency contact information from church members, in the event that someone is rushed to the hospital, a nurse in the unit is able to contact the person in trust and obtain medical history.  Thereby providing the first responders with information they need when caring for a member. 

 In order to make the Nurses Ministry of Bethany more accessible, each 4th Sunday blood pressure screenings are administered after church service.  Also, health awareness articles providing valuable information appear in the church bulletin periodically.

 If you are interested in joining this ministry, please see Ms. Bertha Smith for more information.