Purpose/Mission Statement:  To serve as organists, pianist, directors, and teachers to hundreds of Christians that sing in the Bethany Missionary Baptist Church choirs.

 The Bethany Missionary Baptist Church is blessed to be serviced by a number of find Christians in the leadership of our Music Ministry.  These Christian leaders assist the choirs with developing their musical talents when rendering ministering music and instrumental selections to the church membership each Sunday morning as well as special services. Mr. Michael Fortson is the current Director of the Music Ministry.

 Bethany’s music groups include the Senior Choir, Gospel Chorus, Male Chorus, Chapel Choir, Youth Choir, Jubilee Choir, Bethany Praise Team, Men’s Day Choir, and Women’s Day Choir.

 Scripture:  Psalm 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to they name.  O thou most high.” 

 Meeting Day:  The Music Ministry meets on an as needed basis